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About Grizzee LLC

Welcome and thank you for visiting Grizzee! We are thrilled to be here and supply quality pet products to you and your beloved pets. We know you have several options of shops to buy your pet products from. So what makes us unique? Who is Grizzee?

Grizzee was founded in 2016, starting with a small Etsy shop selling handmade dog collars and leashes. Brittany, founder and owner, has worked in the pet care industry for almost 10 years. She started out in dog daycare and boarding facilities and later moved into a vet tech position. This position was very rewarding but owning her own business had always been her dream. She started her own pet care business in SLC, UT in 2015. One year after starting her successful pet care business Brittany started "Dog Lovers Pet Products", the original "Grizzee" as an Etsy shop. The name change took place in 2018, inspired by her Cockapoo named Grizzly! 

Now that you know our history, what are our values? We are a company that thrives off providing excellent customer service, durable products, and educating the pet parent community through our blog. We are continually working towards making our products vegan, durable, easy to clean, and long lasting. We want to make your purchase worth while and put a lot of thought and time into all of our new products. We are proud to supply handmade products made strong here in the US.

There are hundreds of stores out there selling similar products to ours and we continue to work towards making our products unique to us. Just our dog bandanas took a year of planning, testing, and finding the right materials. When your pets wear our gear, we want you to be proud of where you bought it from!

Shopping is not just about the products you buy, but also the quality of the customer service and experience. Shop in peace knowing your purchase comes with a warranty and assistance with every question you have. 


Our Mission

We are dog lovers through and through. Our company is built with the mission to bring you closer to your dog, get you out enjoying the great outdoors, and educate you about your pet. We accomplish this by building durable products that are meant for the outdoors, writing our educational blog posts, and corresponding videos on Youtube. We are here for you and your dogs, and truly are happy to be a part of your family!

Our Warranty

Purchase confidently knowing your order comes with a dogs lifetime warranty. Because we have sourced and built our products with durable weather resistant materials we are confident they will last you years of wear. However, in the event that there is a flaw with your purchase we are happy to get you a replacement. See our "Warranty" page for more details.

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